Kobo Libra 2 vs. Tablet: Which Reigns Supreme for Reading?

Kobo Libra 2

So, diving into the realm of e-readers is a new venture for me, though I’ve been an avid tablet reader for quite some time. While I wouldn’t exactly call myself a bookworm, I’ve been making a conscious effort to indulge in more reading lately. That’s why I figured investing in a sleek, lightweight e-reader might nudge me in the right direction. The Kobo Libra 2 caught my eye mainly because it comes equipped with OverDrive, which is perfect for someone like me who relies heavily on library loans. Admittedly, I stumbled a bit initially setting it up, but that was more due to my lack of familiarity.

Now, in terms of comparison, I can confidently say it’s lightyears ahead of reading on a tablet. The screen quality is impressive, and both the touch-screen and buttons function flawlessly. Surprisingly, the smaller screen size hasn’t been an issue at all, thanks to how effortless it is to navigate through pages. One feature I adore is the auto-rotate. Outdoors, I prefer holding it vertically with the large side handle, but indoors by the window, I have this cozy setup where I prefer a horizontal orientation. It’s the little luxuries that spoil you, isn’t it?

Adjusting settings is a breeze – a simple slide of a bar and you can tweak type size or brightness to your heart’s content. Their selection of typefaces and spacing options is also quite pleasing. Despite only having it for four days, I’ve mostly been tinkering with it, and it’s already lost about half its charge. While it’s not a major concern for me, I’ve noticed others have mentioned this.

However, there’s one aspect that’s been giving me a bit of trouble – the lack of support for the X-Ray feature, which Kindle boasts. For some reason, I have a hard time recalling the names of secondary characters, even just a day later. I’ve grown accustomed to relying on X-Ray to keep track of them, so their absence is somewhat disappointing. Considering the price point and premium feel of the device, I expected it to include such handy features. Nonetheless, the screen quality and larger size make up for it.