BOOX Tablet Note Air 3 C Review

BOOX Tablet Note 3 C E

This tablet is ideal for individuals seeking a color E Ink tablet with Android capabilities. It excels in:

  • Installing Kindle, One Note, and Firefox with extensions for basic web browsing
  • Handling EPUB files for textbooks and reference books, allowing markup with a pen
  • Running music apps in the background with decent tablet speakers

Use Cases to Avoid

  • Using it as your only tablet (consider an iPad or Android tablet for better value)
  • Primarily using it as an eBook reader (dedicated eBook readers offer better battery life)

Other Cons

  • Pricier than other options
  • Not suitable for watching videos (your phone is a better option)
  • Pen does not come with a built-in eraser (but BOOX note apps support scribble erase)
  • Ultrafast mode may cause ghosting (adjustable settings can mitigate this)
  • Built-in note app requires exporting to access notes in other apps (OneNote is usable but may lag)
  • Screen may appear darker than other E Ink tablets due to color support (adjusting light settings can help)

Keep in mind that this tablet is designed for specific use cases, and its limitations should be considered before purchasing.