reMarkable 2 Review: A Game-Changer for Productivity

reMarkable 2

The reMarkable 2 has been a daily lifesaver for me, simplifying my work, side hustle, and personal life in just a few short weeks. Here are some key positives:

  • Simplistic and distraction-free: It does one thing exceptionally well, making it easy to use and focus.
  • Intuitive usage: Basic and intermediate usage is straightforward, with minimal guidance needed.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: The recyclable containers are a thoughtful touch.
  • Seamless writing and organization: Writing, erasing, and moving text is effortless, and the Folder/Notebook/Quick Sheets structure makes organization a breeze.

I recently used my reMarkable 2 for a 3-day seminar, downloading a 200-page PDF notebook and taking notes directly on the document. The Layer feature allowed me to add notes without obscuring the original text. I also use it for weekly meeting notes, keeping everything in one place, and for coaching clients, streamlining my note-taking process.

Suggestions for improvement:

  1. Lighter screen color: A lighter screen would make reading downloaded documents easier.
  2. Pen loop: A pen loop would be helpful to keep the magnetic pencil secure.

Despite these minor suggestions, I’m thoroughly impressed with the reMarkable 2 and have already recommended it to family and friends (six and counting!). It’s fantastic and has earned a permanent spot in my productivity toolkit!