Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ Plus Review

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S9+ Plus

My old Samsung Note tablet from 2014 was showing its age, and after trying to revive it, I realized it was time for a new one. After upgrading to a Samsung S23 phone and loving the S-pen and S-Note features, I knew my next tablet had to be pen-capable.

Enter the S9 Tablet Family

I considered the S8 family, but I wanted the latest and greatest. I chose the Samsung S9 Plus, which came with 512gb of storage (13% off on Amazon, making it cheaper than the 256gb version!). I’ve learned my lesson about running out of storage space, so I’m glad I opted for the larger capacity.

First Impressions

  • Charged to full capacity before turning it on
  • Used Samsung’s transfer tool to copy apps from my S23 to the S9 Plus (worked seamlessly)
  • Let apps update and updated the OS under settings

S-Pen and Features

  • The S-pen is thicker than expected and matches the tablet’s color
  • Magnetic back storage is creative, but I prefer the old design with the pen stored inside
  • S-Notes is a powerful program, and you can also use other apps like OneNote
  • Lots of features to learn, but YouTube is a great resource (e.g., holding down the Ctrl key reveals shortcuts for specific functions)

Design and Price

  • The tablet is long horizontally, making it feel a bit unwieldy when held that way
  • I prefer the more square shape of my old tablet
  • It’s pricey, but it’s a premium feature tablet; you can opt for lesser specs if you’re on a budget

Overall, I’m loving my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ Plus!