Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Video Review: Is It Worth the Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

I recently upgraded from the Galaxy S8 to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, opting for the 256GB storage and 12GB RAM variant. Here’s a breakdown of my experience and why I recommend choosing either the Ultra or the base model.

Screen Size and Decoy Pricing

Choosing the Ultra or the base model is a wise move, as the extra $200 for the Plus model only offers a marginal screen size increase, reminiscent of the decoy pricing strategy often seen in other consumer products.

Camera Quality

The camera on the S21 Ultra is outstanding, especially the zoom capabilities. Even the front camera delivers impressive results – if it makes me look good, it should work wonders for anyone!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Processing Power

The processor lives up to its advertised speed, and the phone performs exceptionally well, even in desktop mode. The enhanced processing mode removes the CPU limit, providing an experience comparable to a dedicated laptop.

Battery Life and Display

The battery life is phenomenal, offering up to two full days on a single charge with moderate use. The 1440p display with a 120Hz refresh rate on the Ultra is a standout feature, providing a clear and smooth visual experience.

Cooling and Build Quality

The Ultra’s curved screen, efficient cooling, and durable build contribute to an extended lifespan and better overall performance.

Customizable Routines

The phone’s customizable routines add convenience, automating various features based on your location, time, or device connections.

Wireless PowerShare

The Wireless PowerShare feature allows you to wirelessly charge other devices using your phone, making it a handy tool in social situations.

Color Options and Charging

Color options become less of a concern when considering the practicality of using a case. The reduction in charging speed from 45W to 25W is negligible, with the slower charge being less volatile and beneficial for long-term battery health.

RAM Considerations

For heavy multitasking and file storage, the 512GB edition with 16GB of RAM is recommended. More RAM ensures smoother operation with multiple open tabs.

Ultra or Base vs. Plus

Choosing between the Ultra or the base model depends on your priorities. The S21 Plus offers little difference from the base model, while the Ultra provides superior features, a larger battery, and an impressive camera setup, making it ideal for those seeking top-tier performance.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra stands out as a powerhouse with a host of features, making it a worthy upgrade for those seeking a premium smartphone experience.