Upgrade Wisely: 2024 Apple iPhone 11 Review & User Experiences

iPhone 11

My personal experience with phones bought from Amazon has been quite positive. My son has been the one handling those purchases, and we’ve always been satisfied with the outcome. So, when I decided to buy this iPhone, I wasn’t hesitant at all. It performs excellently. There’s a tiny scratch on it, but it’s not a big deal to me, especially since it’s always covered by my case. You’d hardly notice it unless you really scrutinized the phone. Charging is pretty quick, although it does depend on the quality of your charger.

The camera quality is a significant improvement over the XR, which I’m pleased about. Typically, I only buy Apple products with AppleCare because of the added benefits. However, this time, I opted to go without it. So, if the screen breaks, the repair cost would be around $250 or more, as I don’t have that extra protection. With AppleCare, the price would be more like $99. It’s essential to consider this because neglecting a broken screen can eventually render the phone unusable, leading to the need for a replacement, which can be quite disappointing.

Recently, I encountered some internet issues and experienced a few freezes with the phone. However, it’s nothing too distressing. Simply restarting the phone and ensuring it’s updated with the latest software keeps it functioning smoothly.